How to Clear Private Data in Windows 8?

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Among different operating system computers, Windows is the most recommended one. Windows 8 is the updated version of Windows OS, which is ingrained with advanced features when compared to other versions of Windows operating system. It has Metro-style user interface and is available with 4 different editions announced by Microsoft Incorporation. After the development of various technologies, majority of the people are dependent on these computers and laptops to save their ample amount of crucial data which might be private for example password, bank account details, browsing activities, cookies, cache, temp files, recent items, clipboard, etc. and other data which may be unwanted but important that you would not like to have its access to any third person.

In such cases, cleaning the computer beyond recovery becomes very much important for you. In order to resolve cleaning private data issues, you might comb over internet on in different ways like “How do I clear personal information from my Windows 8 computer”, “How to clear private data in Windows 8 system” , “Is there any way tool to clear personal data in Windows 8 PC”, etc. Privacy cleaner is the single solution for all your queries as this software cleans all the private information stored on your Windows 8 computer just in one fast click. This proficient software comes in built with 3 different wiping patterns to clean private data with complete security. Go through the given page URL to know how actually this software cleans data from hard drive of laptop and computer.

Consider a common situation, where in you decided to sell your old Windows 8 PC. But, before that, you want to make sure that all the personal data that is stored on your Windows 8 computer should be cleared as you don’t want anyone to gain access to your private data. So, to accomplish this task, you need to make use of some good and reliable tool to clear personal data in Windows 8 machine beyond its restoration. Here comes privacy cleaner, which is compatible enough to clear private data not only from Windows 8 PC, but it can also be used to clean data from other versions of Windows OS like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista including earlier versions.

Thus, if you want an answer on how do I clear personal information from my Windows 8 computer, then you have stepped into the right place. Privacy cleaner is absolutely free software, which knows how to clear private data in Windows 8 computer safely with great accuracy. It makes sure that after selling off your laptop or computer, your stored data cannot be restored by using services of any third party recovery software.

Reliable Features of free privacy cleaner:

  • “Clean PC Junk” option to erase all the junk and temp files, document history, clipboard, Recycle Bin, run history, etc.
  • It comes up with “Clean Browser Junk” option that helps in deleting cookies, browser history, cache, address bar, passwords, auto complete form data, download history and more.
  • This privacy cleaner comes with an option to auto start one click cleaning when the program starts. This option deletes junk files, browser activity, download history, recent times, temp files, cookies, etc. at your fingertips.
  • Also, it has “Clean Free Space” option that erases the deleted files and folders which are stored on free drive space, so that an unauthorized person cannot recover those files by using any recovery software.
  • It can permanently erase memory stick, memory card, USB flash drive and many other storage drives.

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Steps to wipe private data on Windows 8:

Step1: Download and install free demo version of this tool to clear personal data in windows 8 PC. Run the software and from the main page of the software click on “One Click Clean” option to clear your personal data all in one go. From the next screen, click on clean button to start the cleaning process.

How to Clear Private Data in Windows 8 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step3: Now, please wait for a while, the software starts cleaning your Windows 8 private data, junk files, browser junk, programs junk, etc. On completion of cleaning process, you can view the summary of the process.

How to Clear Private Data in Windows - Summary Screen

Figure 2: Summary Screen

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